Swify helps businesses to uncover customer insights

Swify is a retail & marketing technology company helping businesses to uncover customer insights and build brand loyalty by creating captive, AI-powered engagements. 

Driving Engagement IRL

Our sampling platform seeds product interactions IRL (In Real Life). AI-powered surveying provides ongoing analytical insights and real time agility for fast-moving businesses.

Find out more about SWIFY IRL, our Patent-pending sampling platform.

Rise of Prosumers

Prosumers are critical influencers that both consume and produce value. They greatly impact the success of products at every stage of development.

Convert your CONsumers to PROsumers using Swify’s conversational toolkit.

We’re here to help

Swify is backed by decades of experience in Technology Innovation, Ecommerce, Retail and Marketing. Our approach is human centered, augmented by AI.  

Leverage our expertise for faster, better results.

It starts with a conversation

As brand owners and marketers, you cannot afford to be left out of the conversation. Have a chat with us  to explore how we can assist you.